Origins of Mother’s Day in the United States

Interesting facts about the Origins of Mother’s Day in the United States The holiday dates back to 1908 when Anna Jarvis  from West Virginia held a memorial service for her mother.  She run a campaign to make the it a recognized holiday in 1905 but was unsuccessful. It seems curious that the Origins of Mother’s Day in […]

April’s 2017 Curious Monday Winner

It’s time to announce the winner of April’s 2017 Curious Monday. This Month’s Quiz Question: This Month’s Trivia Question: Who established the use of the Gregorian Calendar ? Pope Gregory XIII Dr. Gregory Pincus Pope Gregory XI The answer is (1) Pope Gregory XIII Interesting Fact –If you were living in England or one of the American […]

Curious Monday’s Winner for December 2016

December 2016- Curious Monday Ready for the holidays, This December Curious Monday’s Winner is Mr. Hernando Ardila. Congrats Hernando! After answering the Christmas themed question he was randomly awarded as the lucky winner this month. Challenge was to respond the following question: 1)     Which president started the White House lighting ceremony?  Correct answer is Calvin Coolidge There are two competing claims about […]