Loan Estimate

Ready For The New Closing Disclosure Form?

Hello Closing Disclosure and Godbye HUD-1 All the transactions initiated after August 1st 2015 will have a new set of documents to learn.   HUD-1 and Good Faith Estimates(GFE) won’t be used anymore.  A Loan Estimate will replace GFE and the Closing disclosure will replace the rusty HUD-1.  According to the new regulations lender is […]

Yes, The Garage need staging too! – Home Staging

When we want to sell our homes; Most of us recognize the importance of home staging.  We clean all the rooms, get off some furniture and pile up everything on the garage.  Selling your home is like a job interview.  You do not get on your fancier suit and do not comb. Garage is getting […]

Improvements pay off in your house?

Improvements pay off in your house? Many times as homeowners we are tempted to engage on huge improvements on our houses.  What we do not consider is how this improvement will affect the future market value of our home.  Will Improvements pay off in your house?. Here are a few typical examples: 1 – Adding a swimming pool […]


Get offers on your house tips

Get offers on your house Most of us have heard that what is important in a real estate deal is Location, Location, Location. Despite location being really important when you are deciding to buy a particular piece of real estate, when you are on the other side of the street, as a seller, you need […]

For Sale by Owner? Think Twice

For Sale by Owner… is a trend that appeals some Homeowners. Did You know that the CEO of listed his home with a Realtor? The promise of no commission expense is sweet to think.  But… There are many caveats to consider when putting your Home For Sale By Owner. According to the National Association of […]

Tips For Selecting A Realtor

  Tips For Selecting A Realtor Your Real Estate Professional should be: Aware of the complicated local and state requirements affecting your transaction. Effective in multi-party, face-to-face negotiations. Highly-trained, with access to programs for continued learning and additional certifications. Resourceful in attracting the largest possible pool of potential buyers. Knowledgeable in the technology resources that […]

Flood Insurance – House votes to limit rate increases

With a bipartisan vote of 306-91 the House of Representatives agreed to limit rating increases to premiums of the National Flood Insurance Program. The discussion still continue and the proposed bill need to pass the Senate before making it to law.  The voted proposed changes will eliminate the changes done in 2012 that required FEMA(Federal […]

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5 Tips to Survive The Sale

Here are my 2 cents to you Mr./Mrs. Home Seller.  5 Tips to Survive The Sale. Selling your Home is not an easy job.  Getting prepared is key for a successful and stress free transaction. 1 – Clear the Road Buyer inspections are one of the killers of Real Estate contracts.  An inspection showing defects & […]