Get offers on your house

Offers on your house

Most of us have heard that what is important in a real estate deal is Location, Location, Location. Despite location being really important when you are deciding to buy a particular piece of real estate, when you are on the other side of the street, as a seller, you need to also consider the conditions of the property and the price you will list your property for. Disregarding a proper analysis on the previous may lead you to not get offers on your house and end up with an expired listing.

If your property is in a convenient and desirable location, you have the most potential to sell for the highest profit. You will only need to work on the condition and the price. You will start getting offers in your property when the three forces are in balance.

For example for a house that is in a high demand neighborhood but needs repairs and is outdated, the only way to get an offer will be to list for a very competitive price.

You need to carefully weigh what repairs or improvements you should do in your house before selling. There are many variables to consider. Not all improvements and repairs will translate to an immediate increase on the sales price.

If the property is not in a good location, there is no granite countertop that will cure the deficiency. You will need to update the price for a buyer to consider the location.

To get offers on your house at the best possible value on the sale of your house, it is particularly important to understand the 3 forces from the beginning of the listing.

It has been demonstrated that houses that list for values far away to the market value end up selling for a lower price per square feet than the ones that were priced right from the first day.

Information is all over the internet. Buyers will check how long a property has been on the market and if the price has been reduced.

They will be more inclined to bargain if they see a property that have been sitting on the MLS for a while or if it had multiple price reductions.

You do not want your house to be in the comparables column to help sell your neighbor’s house!!

You want to sell and for the highest value possible!!

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