Why Home Depot?

home depotIt can really be Home Depot, Lowes or any other store.  But you can certainly dress up your home to make it look as a showcase home with little money.


Dress up the front door

Your home’s front entry is the focal point of its curb appeal. Clean and polish all dirty spots around the knob.

Install outdoor lighting

Low-voltage landscape lighting makes a huge impact on your home’s curb appeal while also providing safety and security. Fixtures can add accent lighting to trees or the house or can illuminate a walking path.

Build an instant garden

Carefully selected plans are always welcoming and add colorful appeal to any home exterior fast and affordably. You can buy containers from garden center.

Add outdoor art

Give your lawn a little spark by adding weather-resistant artwork.

Renew paint, siding, and trim

No single things provide a valuable return like paint

Final Touches

Do a mailbox makeover put some some plants around the post, clean driveway.