Limited Service Listing Agreement

Limited Service Listing Agreement

This Limited Service Listing Agreement ("Agreement") is between:  ("Seller")


1.Authority to Sell Property:  Seller gives Broker the EXCLUSIVE RIGHT TO SELL the real and personal property (collectively "Property") described below, at the price and terms described below, beginning at the date and time of signature of the Agreement and terminating at 11:59 p.m. 6 months after the signature of the Agreement or by written request from Seller at any time ("Termination Date").

The request for termination needs to be accompanied by all documents pertinent to the transaction for Broker’s records. Early termination does not have any cost to Seller. This Property will be offered to any person without regard to race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status, national origin, or any other factor protected by federal, state, or local law. Seller certifies and represents that she/he/it is legally entitled to convey the Property and all improvements.

2. Description of Property:

(a)  Street Address:  

(b) Remarks: Please write a description for your property. (Make sure is under 550 Characters)

(c) Internet Remarks: Please write a small description for your property. (Make sure is under 130 Characters)

3.Price and Terms:  The property is offered for sale on the following terms or on other terms acceptable to Seller:

(a) Price: $   

(b) Financing Terms: Please select all the options you will accept for financing.  Tipical for single family homes are Cash, VA, FHA & Conventional.  for Condos only Cash and Conventional.

Financing Terms

4. Multiple Listing Service: Placing the Property in a multiple listing service (the "MLS") is beneficial to Seller because the Property will be exposed to a large number of potential buyers. As a MLS participant, Broker is obligated to timely deliver this listing to the MLS. This listing will be promptly published in the MLS unless Seller directs Broker otherwise in writing. Seller authorizes Broker to report to the MLS this listing information and price, terms, and financing information on any resulting sale for use by authorized Board / Association members and MLS participants and subscribers unless Seller directs Broker otherwise in writing. 

5. Broker Authority:  Seller authorizes Broker to:

(a) Advertise the Property as Broker deems advisable including advertising the Property on the Internet.

(b) Virtual Office Websites:  Some real estate brokerages offer real estate brokerage services on-line. These websites are referred to as Virtual Office Websites ("VOWs"). An automated estimate of market value or reviews and comments about a property may be displayed in conjunction with a property on some VOWs.

Anyone who registers on a VOW may gain access to such automated valuations or comments and reviews about any property displayed on a VOW. Unless limited below, a VOW may display automated valuations or comments and reviews about this Property.

Seller does not authorize an automated estimate of the market value of the listing (or a hyperlink to such estimate) to be displayed in immediate conjunction with the listing of this Property.

Seller does not authorize third parties to write comments or reviews about the listing of the Property (or display a hyperlink to such comments or reviews) in immediate conjunction with the listing of this Property.

(d) Offer compensation to cooperating brokers.

6. Seller Obligations:  In consideration of Broker's obligations, Seller agrees to: (a) Indemnify Broker and hold Broker harmless from losses, damages, costs, and expenses of any nature, Including attorneys’ fees, and from liability to any person, that Broker incurs because of (1) Seller’s negligence, representations, misrepresentations, actions, or inactions; (2) the use of a lock box; (3) the existence of undisclosed material facts about the Property; or (4) a court or arbitration decision that a broker who was not compensated in connection with a transaction is entitled to compensation from Broker. This clause will survive Broker’s performance and the transfer of title.

(b) Maintain Broker informed of any contracts, addendums & closing documents pertinent to the transaction to update MLS database and Broker’s records.

(c) Make all legally required disclosures, including all facts that materially affect the Property’s value and are not readily observable or known by the buyer. Seller certifies and represents that Seller knows of no such material facts (local government building code violations, unobservable defects, etc.) other than the following:

Seller will immediately inform Broker of any material facts that arise after signing this Agreement. 

7. Compensation:  Broker's compensation for performing the responsibilities delineated in Paragraphs 4 and 5(a)  will be pay upon receipt of Broker's invoice and it is non-refundable regardless whether the Property sells and no matter who sells the Property, whether by Seller, Broker, or other real estate licensee.  Invoice will be sent within 24 hours of the signature of this document and needs to be paid in full before the property can be listed on the MLS.

Seller will pay Broker  % of the purchase price at closing if the Broker or a cooperating broker, who participates in the MLS in which compensation was offered by Broker, sells the Property.

8. Brokerage Relationship:  Broker will act as a transaction broker to Seller.

9.  Miscellaneous:  This Agreement is the entire agreement between Seller and Broker. No prior or present agreements or representations will be binding on Seller or Broker unless included in this Agreement. Electronic signatures are acceptable and will be binding. Signatures, initials, and modifications communicated by facsimile will be considered as originals.


Telephone: 754-400-1566

Notices to:

Address: 158000 Pines Blvd, Ste 340, Pembroke Pines, FL 33027


Copy returned to Seller on by email immediately after signature.

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Signed by Jose Miori
Signed On: December 4, 2018

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