Yes, the headline is strong but there is truth on it about Disney methods.

Disney abandons entertainment businessAs Trump says “Mexico will pay for the wall”, Disney do not say “You will pay to see my commercials” but you pay, and I did.

This Memorial weekend, as every year, we departed to the Memorial Day Soccer Shootout where our son plays soccer.
 On Sunday, we found some time to spend on Hollywood’s Studios. Such a great entertainment experience!
I love the Indiana Jones Stunt’s presentation, the Hollywood Tower of terror and many others.
Nothing new but it thrills me every time how Disney operates its sales distribution network.
See: The great movie ride, promotes the Turner Classic Movies cable channel, Even I that height musicals wanted to tune in TCM channel to see “Dancing in the rain“.
“Alice through the looking-glass” sneak peek…. you know where it goes…
To my surprise the extremely well-presented spectacle “Lights, Motors, Action! Extreme Stunt Show“(  closed.
I am sure it did not sell more than what they expect of the new “Star Wars” attraction they are building in its place.
Disney masters the art of selling in a way that I was happy to pay for their publicity. 
If they can do this on an adult, just imagine what will be the effects on the children.