It’s time to announce the winner of April’s 2017 Curious Monday.

This Month’s Quiz Question:

This Month’s Trivia Question:
Who established the use of the Gregorian Calendar ?

  1. Pope Gregory XIII
  2. Dr. Gregory Pincus
  3. Pope Gregory XI

The answer is (1) Pope Gregory XIII

Interesting Fact –If you were living in England or one of the American colonies 260 years ago, this date—September 13, 1752—didn’t exist. Neither did the 10 days preceding it. Instead, you would have gone to bed on the evening of September 2 and woken up on the morning of September 14. Eleven days had been effectively skipped over as part of the parliamentary measure that implemented the Gregorian calendar, aligning Britain and its overseas possessions with the rest of Western Europe.

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The winner this month is Marcel Gongora

Who is receiving a $25 gift card to Amazon. Congratulations Marcel!!!

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