The Tides Hollywood – Vacation Rental Friendly

Know The Tides Hollywood This beautiful resort is one of the few condos in the area that recently allowed to do vacation rentals on them. Frequently visited by families that want to spend a few days on our South Florida sunny beaches while enjoying of Fort Lauderdale and Miami vibrant shopping and urban life. You […]

Beachwalk Resort Hallandale – Vacation Rental Friendly Condo

Know the Beachwalk Resort Hallandale This beautiful condo hotel is one of the few properties in the area that is easy to work as a short term rental owner. It is a favorite for vacation rentals in Florida. Right next to the beach and Fort Lauderdale and Miami vibrant shopping and urban life. You can […]

Selling my home

Why am I selling my home?

Selling my home shouldn’t be difficult. It is true, we do not sell our homes often. As every thing you do not do frequently, you face a number of questions. Should I sell or rent it out? Should I sell and buy a smaller condo? Should I?, Should I?, Should I..? The important question you […]

All our Urban Townhomes are all sold.

They get to enjoy our modern Urban Townhomes Moments like this make it all worth. New owners taking possession of their new home. The house was build with the best for them. We wish them to enjoy living rent-free!!! What a great feeling! Every penny you invest, is o your own place instead of making […]