Who doesn’t want to feel happy?

4 Simple Tricks to Be More Happy

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What I’ve found is there are some simple ways to add little bursts of happiness into your day.
Next time you need a cheery pick-me-up, try doing more of this…

  • Show some humility. Laughing at yourself not only releases endorphins, but it helps you take
    yourself less seriously.
  •  Get stuff done. Crossing things off your to-do list is not only cathartic, but having less weighing
    on your mind relieves stress. Have too much on your plate? See what you can outsource off
    your list, like house cleaning and grocery shopping, then create a schedule to help you better
    manage your time and tasks. That alone will relieve and help be happy.
  • Learn to let go. We’ve all made mistakes, but beating yourself up over the small stuff isn’t
    helping your emotional state. While they’re no fun to deal with, the best thing you can do is to
    stop dwelling on your mistakes and try to learn from them instead.
  • Give yourself a break. Think about how many hours you spend sitting and staring at the
    screen every day. Moving more throughout the day, like taking lunch outside or going for a stroll before driving home from work, will help you feel more refreshed.

I’d love to know how to you turn your frown upside down and be happy.

Share your tips in the comments here!

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