Top 5 tips to make your bedroom more enjoyable

lampThere are some things that are important when speaking of the rooms you spend the most significant amount of time on the day.

1. Bedding: This is an everyday pleasure, feel the softness of the linens.  You can find at big retailers a high thread sheet that won’t compromise your  economy.

2. Lighting: It is amazing how proper lighting can create the right ambiance. You can experiment on your nightstand or wall mounting fixtures with dimmer.  Check for options at:

3. Pillows: Our night sleep it is highly dependent on the quality of our pillows. Money invested on pillows is money very well spent.

Bedroom Picture

7. Proper storage: Clutter generates stress and prevents us to relax after our day of work. Think about closet organizers or under-bed storage.I

8. Paint:Color exercise big influence in our mood.  Neutral and soothing colors create a tranquil environment. Colors to bright or bold can prevent you from a good night sleep.

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