“I want to sell my home on my own, I don’t want to pay 3% just for listing the property, would you help me?”

From a Good Friend…

First I was upset. “It is not, just listing. I do whole a lot more than that.” — I thought. But after thinking a bit, I replied:

— “I think I have an option for you.I will charge you just a small fee to cover my costs and a small profit. I would just list and you would do the work”

. Of course, as he was progressing he continued calling me. It was my friend.

I couldn’t just hang up on him or tell him:

-“You are not paying for this, this is why we charge commissions”

What did I do? I used all of his questions and concerns and put together the Smart Home Sellers Program.

How does it work?

It is a simple step-by-step proprietary process designed to deliver consistent results over the time. Now you can use it for just a small fraction of what would you pay in commissions.

The Process

List the property

You will pay the initial fee and complete our onboarding form

Showing Phase

You will receive emails with tips to make your life easier during this phase.


I laid out a series of tips to help you get the best offer and identify several negotiation points during the transaction

Using An Attorney To Represent You

Sell Your Home Now