Smart Home Sellers Program

“I want to sell my home on my own, I don’t want to pay 3% just for listing the property, would you help me?”

From a good friend…

First I was upset. “It is not, just listing. I do a lot more than that.” — I thought. But after thinking a bit, I replied: — “I think I have an option for you.” I will charge you just a small fee to cover my costs and a small profit. I would just list and you would do the work. Of course, as he was progressing he continued calling me. It was my friend. I couldn’t just hang up on him or tell him: -“You are not paying for this, this is why we charge commissions”

What did I do? I put together the Smart Home Sellers Program.

All his questions and many others I receive from sellers on my concierge real estate practice. All laid out on a simple step by step proprietary process designed to deliver consistent results over the time. Now you can use it for just a small fraction of what would you pay in commissions.

Sell Your Home The Smart Way Now