A Christmas Message for all

For me and my family, our tradition revolves around the birth of Jesus.

His birth means the birth to a new life and a renewed message of hope.

Since I was a little boy, every 24th of December was a celebration.

My family and I would drive 2 hours to my parents hometown.

Get to my grandparent house and get out to ring all of our cousins bells to go play on the street.

My mom, grandma and aunts, preparing the salads.  Grandpa and the male adults, guarding the grill.

We all went to Mass and after the celebration:


We would eat, drink Coke.(Was a luxury at that time) and play some more with our cousins.

At midnight, all the kids run to the Christmas Tree to open the presents.

Played with the new toys until it was time to go to the other Grandparents house and open more presents there.

New Year’s eve was the same but starting at the other Grandparents house.

It was a time of joy and family.

In the world today we see a lot of hate because of religion.

There are fanatics in every single one trying to convince the other is evil.

But despite them, I firmly believe the world is filled with people of good will.

I have many fantastic friends that profess almost every religion.

During this season, my wish is for all to have peace, health and love to share with your families.

If you celebrate, then Merry Christmas!