But I didn’t do it –  How did we bought under appraised value?

It is all listing agent’s merit.

How come? It took me 5 days to get the appointment to show the property.

Anyway, Josh is happy buying under appraised value.

-who wouldn’t?

Well…I guess the seller.

But that happens when you use a part-time agent to sell.

He was not available, he wouldn’t answer calls or texts.

In today’s hot market for under $200k properties if you put any listing and you allow it to be showed, you get multiple offers.

For example, last week I listed a small 2 bedroom property.  Completely wasted, in need of a full rehab.  You couldn’t even breathe inside the house.

Showed 3 days. 40 Showings, 13 offers. Pending sale for more than $5,000 over asking price.