Is it Good To Keep Your Mouth Shut?

Is it Good To Keep Your Mouth Shut?

Keep Your Mouth Shut
Is it Good To Keep Your Mouth Shut?

A turtle was lying on the bank of a river one day when he heard two hunters walk by, talking about how they planned to come back the next day to catch some turtles for soup. He worried all night, because he knew he couldn’t outrun the hunters, and in the morning he had a plan. He saw two birds in the tree overhead. As the hunters approach, the turtle called out, “You up there! Would you help me escape these hunters?” “What do you want us to do?” the first bird asked. “I’ll hold this stick in my mouth,” the turtle said, “and you two pick me up and fly me to the other side of the river.” The birds agreed and flew down to the ground. The turtle clamped a thick stick between its jaws, and the birds slowly lifted him up off the ground. As the hunters reached the riverbank, they stared in amazement. “Look at those birds! They figured out how to carry a turtle across the river! Those must be the smartest animals in the world!”

Jealous, the turtle cried out: “It was my ideaaaaa …”.

Isn’t it better sometimes to Keep Your Mouth Shut?

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