Intentional Kindness

Should we practice intentional kindness?

Growing up, you were likely told to be kind to others. But when you grow up, it’s easy to forget to show others we care. Being intentionally kind doesn’t require a lot of planning or effort.

Here are three ways to you can practice intentional kindness today:

  1. Be thoughtful of others. You can do this just by putting someone else first. If you have a cart full of groceries and the person in line behind you has just a basket full, let them check out before you. When a pedestrian is waiting at an intersection to cross the street, let them go before you do (especially on hot or cold days).
  2. Show genuine gratitude. Just saying thank you tells others you appreciate and respect them. For people you know, you can do this verbally or with a card. If you’re at a restaurant or coffee shop, consider leaving a larger tip than usual.
  3. Volunteer your time. One small act goes a long way. At home, offer to do a chore your partner normally handles. At work, offer to help a swamped co-worker complete a task they’re struggling with. In the community, help an organization make bagged lunches for kids who don’t get school meals while on summer break is intentional kindness.

How will you be intentionally kind today?