Are you also thinking in a Real Estate License?

Real Estate licenseSeems that Real Estate is kind of a default profession. It is easy to get excited, You do basic math and start adding thousands of dollars in commission, X times per month and it is easy to think you will be millionaire in the first year.
I am guilty myself of thinking it was going to be easy when I got my Real Estate license.
I get calls from desperate agents every week after 6 months or a year and all their savings exhausted. Looking for a magic bullet to get their first transaction. Unfortunately my response is that there is no such a magic bullet, it is all hard work, a lot of rejection, working with borderline incompetent colleagues, discipline & lots of self motivation besides getting your Real Estate license.
I hate to be the party killer but if you are thinking to get your licence, think it again and be ready to go all in.
After 6 years in the business full time with a growing company I can proudly say 94% of my business comes from people that like & trust you, from past and current clients.
With that said you can understand why it is imperative to provide a memorable and outstanding service.
My goal is that all the clients that work with any agent in my company with a Real Estate license receives an experience aligned with the company values of Expertise, Integrity, Service and Communication.
It is not only for our clients sakes but to empower my agents to be their best and get the most recurring business as possible.