Getting a loan Pre-Approval is easy

Getting a loan Pre-Approval

Urban Select Realty partners with Total Mortgage to screen offers on its listings. Getting a loan Pre-Approval is fast and easy.  Just follow the link below and complete as much information as possible.  The more you complete, the easier will be the loan process.  Don’t get discouraged by the amount of information required, we strive to do the best diagnostic of your situation.

You wouldn’t want to go to the car shop and get a price before they even look at the car! Be certain that after they look under the hood, many other repairs and once you get the car dismantled is harder to say no and go to another shop.

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If you have any questions during the process, feel free to call:

Felix Gutierrez

Total Mortgafe – Branch Manager / Pembroke Pines

954-682-4368 Direct

1000 N Hiatus Rd. Suite # 198, Pembroke Pines, FL 33026 | 954-874-3598 |  Visit


Start Getting a loan Pre-Approval TodayNOTICE: Urban Select Realty is not affiliated with Total Mortgage and you don’t need to close the loan with Total Mortgage.