October 2015 – Fun Monday


Fun Monday Winner Oct 2015Drum rolls please… October Fun Monday’s Winner is Mr. Shannon S. Congrats Shannon!

After answering the challenging question he was randomly awarded as the lucky winner this month.

This Month’s Quiz Question was:

What are the original three colors of candy corn, a popular Halloween candy?Fun Monday Miori

A. Red, white & blue
B. Orange, yellow & white

C. Green, red & blue       
D. Pink, orange & white

The correct answer this month is B) Orange, Yellow & White.

Interesting Fact: The original three colors of candy corn: orange, yellow, and white, mimic a corn kernel. Although 75% of the annual candy corn production is for Halloween, you can find it year round in varying holiday colors. …and, it’s fat free!

The winner this month is Shannon S. Who is receiving a $25 gift card to Amazon. Congratulations Shannon!!!

Keep playing and best of luck next month.                  

He was awarded with a $25 Amazon gift card.

If you are not yet participating, just send me an email and I will add you immediately.  Jose Miori created this interactive contest designed to engage the local community into an original activity.

Stay tuned for next month’s contest!  It will be Fun Monday.