Lately we see a lot of publicity on EB5 Visas and Regional Centers.  In Simple terms EB5 Visas are simply a way to buy a green card.  You invest in mega projects approved by the government and after 2 years and several requirements you get the visa.  You can do your own project  if you can prove you generate employment and invest the required money.  Amount needed goes from US$ 500,000  to $1,000,000.- depending on unemployment zones defined by immigration department.

EB5 visas are a good option but each case need to be evaluated wisely.  There are other options like L1.  L1 allows business owners in other countries to create a related company on the United States.  Meeting certain requirements, the manager may live on the US along with Spouse and dependents.  This visa also creates a path to residence through adjusting status after a year.

O Visas are for celebrities and extremely talented people.

Contact me if you have any question and I will be happy to connect you with an expert attorney that will check and advice the best option for you.

Jose Miori