Yes, the rest of the world commemorates the Labor day on May the 1st.

Historians say that the United States has celebrated it since Tuesday, September 5, 1882, in New York City. It Labor Dayis a celebration to remember all the achievements of American workers.  In the rest of the world it has been remembered since 1889 as a day to fight for worker’s rights in memorial of workers dead in Chicago in 1886. 
I guess we will never know the real Labor Day story.  It is said that the history is written by the winners.

Different points of view are outlined in the official history here and the more inclined for the “May Day” version can be read here.

Regardless if it is remembered in May or September, we can all agree that we need to recognize all the people that offer every day their hard work and commitment for their family and their country.

Happy Labor Day!