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Josh got it for $2000 under appraised value

under appraised value

But I didn’t do it –  How did we bought under appraised value? It is all listing agent’s merit. How come? It took me 5 days to get the appointment to show the property. Anyway, Josh is happy buying under appraised value. -who wouldn’t? Well…I guess the seller. But that happens when you use a part-time […]

Ready For The New Closing Disclosure Form?

Loan Estimate

Hello Closing Disclosure and Godbye HUD-1 All the transactions initiated after August 1st 2015 will have a new set of documents to learn.   HUD-1 and Good Faith Estimates(GFE) won’t be used anymore.  A Loan Estimate will replace GFE and the Closing disclosure will replace the rusty HUD-1.  According to the new regulations lender is […]

New Generation Home Buyers

NAR Home Buyer Report

Young Home Buyers are back on the Market National Association of Realtors generates every year a study relating Home Buyer statistics with their Generation.  This is the second year where millennial Buyers appear first on the list.  Young Adults are considering Home Ownership as a good investment.  Another interesting fact is the way new buyers […]

Homes for Sale – Free MLS Search


Homes for Sale Many of my clients like the amount of information they find on Zillow.  This is great for market statistics, taxes information, schools and many other property features. Unfortunately, quality of the listings availability and data is questionable. If you are looking for Home for sale that are actually for sale, you can […]

3 big myths about home buying

3 big myths about home buying I’m here to save you pain, buyers. There are myths about the home shopping experience that must be addressed. I like to make the home buying experience as stress-free as possible, so please hear me out on these three big myths about home buying:   Myth #1: “That house […]

Homepath’s End??

Fannie Mae has announced they are discontinuing both the Homepath Mortgage and Homepath Renovation Mortgage products. Financing under these two products will only be available for contracts signed on or before October 6, 2014. While the products themselves are being discontinued, Fannie Mae will continue to have their REO properties for sale, known as HomePath […]

The Ultimate List of Homebuyer Tips

The Ultimate List of Homebuyer Tips Get a Home Inspection 91.4 percent of agents say this is a very important tip. 0.54 percent of agents don’t recommend this tip. The tip: Get a home inspection to evaluate the safety and overall condition of your new home, even if it appears flawless. Get Pre-approved for a Loan […]

5 things to consider when looking for a Mortgage

Get your documents ready. You should be prepared for a meticulous review by lenders underwriting departments because of  new mortgage regulations effective in January.  Lenders are looking more in detail for borrowers ability to pay back their loans. Borrowers should be ready to show: bank statements, 2 years of tax returns, W2s, investment accounts and documentation […]