Are You Organizing Your Life?

Are You Organizing Your Life?Having too many to-dos and things to remember can give you a major case of scatterbrain.
Many of us vow again and again to get organized, once and for all. But this is always easier said
than done.
And let’s not forget how our environment can bring on the mental chaos. Cluttered closets,
messy countertops, and too many files crowding your desktop…it all adds up.
The solution? Start small. Tackle just ONE thing each day, or spend 15 minutes a day decluttering one area of your home. This will help you create more space, not just in your physical
surroundings, but in your mind as well.
It takes regular practice to develop healthy habits around organization and get your life in order.
And you’ll have so much more clarity, and be so much happier, for organizing your life.
What steps have you taken to create a more organized life?