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Kingsley Vanesa and Jose -real estate
Kingsley, Vanesa and Jose

Urban Select Realty is a young growing company formed with the finest real estate professionals with combined experience of more than 30 years. Our talented professionals are selected to make sure they fit our service culture. The single most important thing for us is to leave a happy customer that bring us repeating business over the time. It is not uncommon to see within our clients complete families. Grandpa & Grandma, Son, Daughters and the list continues to grow as they know us. Consultative Approach It is not by chance we continue to get referrals, based on experience in the corporate arena with customer oriented selling Jose Miori brings it to the realty world through Urban Select Realty. We understand that a Real Estate Transaction is probably the single most important decision a person will do on his or hers life thus we devote our time with patience and care. We spend the necessary time to make sure buyers and sellers are aware of each step in the process and nothing caught them by surprise. Technology used to serve Urban Select Realty uses various technology tools to offer the most select experience to our clients. For example: Market Summaries, Listing Alerts, electronic information to pass by buyers and much more. This tools help us to keep all the parties involved on current market conditions, when a new home comes to the market to be ready to make an offer immediately. Our agents are equipped with the most advanced technology in today’s mobile world. Always ready to help you in the moment you need them. But most importantly, For a Seller, this technology let us to expose your home to every single potential Buyer.  At the same time it allows him or her to be the first to know about a Dream Home coming to the Market. We love Real Estate and this is what we do for a living. Recently, we’ve been wanting to invest more in our website and we have decided to look for a new Custom Real Estate Website Design, please let us know what you think!

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