Checklist to move in the summer

To move in the summer you need to prepare now

move in the summerMost of the families like to move in the summer.  We like to impact our family as little as possible.  During summer children are less stressed with school chores and their routines would welcome a move better than when in the school time tight schedules. The process of closing on a house takes in average between 30 to 60 days.  In order to move in the summer, I prepared a small checklist that can serve as a guide.

  1.  Download my Six Simple Ideas to make your exterior look like a showcase home and start working on it.
  2. Get a professional estimate of your home value to have an idea of what you can get.  Do not trust Zillow or other online estimates as they do not consider all the factors that affect your property value.  Most of the times this automated site valuations are off by thousands of dollars.
  3. If you are considering any major improvements, schedule a free on site consultation and we will help you decide if it make financial sense to invest

Have a great day and success with your move in the summer!

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